Jun 18 2009

Been awhile since I have entered anything here in my blog, it has been such a hard time for me and I am finding it difficult to cope .

I lost my Mother last week, she passed away quietly with all of her family and friends that loved her dearly by her side. We found out that she had cancer on Good Friday...she had breast caner and didn't want to let anyone know( the older folk would rather think I guess if they ignored it, it just might go away) . And as they did a scan looking for other signs of cancer they fould a large mass ( 17cm) on her ovary.( The Doctors said it was not related to the cancer in her breast)...SO they thought they should take the larger of the 2 out here in Halifax, cause was a high risk patient (her age and diabeties) they were more equipped to handle a case like that here more than in Cape Breton...Yeah right! It took 2 hours and she came out of surgery with flying colors....everything was wonderful, she was well on her way to recovery when all of a sudden she started reatining fluid and her heart was racing.....this went on for several days and nothing was really done for her other than giving her pain killers and trying to " make her comfortable". Meanwhile this angel of a nurse was watching this happen to her and went over her boundries to tell the doctor that she needs some fluid medication and something to slow her heart down........She recieved the meds and started looking well again......... But the STOPPED the meds once more and it happened again.....this was hard on her heart..She wanted to return home to Glace Bay and be there with the rest of the family and just be "home ", I think she knew really!

On the way to Glace Bay from here where I live now-Distance 454 kilometres (282 miles) and she took another attack where - nothing done again - Just drugs ( which her kidneys weren't filtering it out ( hence the fluid retention)- when my sister and brothers got to the hospital there with the ambulance and her- there was one file (no chart with anything about her or what was going on ) and the note was....Do not reccessitate!!!!

Can you Imagine!!!!! She had a few bad days after that her heart couldn't take anymore......we took the 6 hour trip to be by her side and just made it.....I said goodbye to a friend and the best Mother anyone would ever have on Friday, June 5th....she waited for me to get there and we just made it.....she took her last breath half a hour later...and left us...

I can't believe that she won't be here anymore to laugh and carry on- just to call her and say hi Mom how are you and such......

I beleive that the Doctor's here did a lousy job at takeing care of our Mom- if it wasn't for the doctors here and the lack of knowledge ....I am sure she still would be here with us today!!!

They destroyed her heart ( which was normal and working fine prior to the surgery) and they also tore mine appart!!!!!

I love you Mom and will always miss you...

You're with Dad now

Rest in Peace


Mar 22 2009

Well here it is spring and time to get everything ready for beautiful HOT summer- Yeah right!!! I think Mother Nature is sitting back and laughing her a$% off at us here in Nova Scotia! We are in for a Heavy SNOWFALL storm tomorrow!!! Now enough is enough already! lol - I know someone that will be very happy with that idea and that is Bosco our golden lab....he just loves the snow- dives into it and rolls...yeah but does he have to shovel it ??? haha

Other than that there isn't much else going on....the economy sucks....the weather health sucks....let me see what else

Naw isn't that bad I guess- there is something my nanna used to say...:It can be a whole lot worse that what it is right now!!" and I guess she is right...

going to hit the hay ...before my head hits the keyboard.....thanks for taking time to look at my work and for those who commented as well.......I greatly appriciate it !

Night Anne

Aug 08 2008

Just got back from a 2 week vacation...and it is so good to be home once again....I missed all my friends and also missed my own bed! (haha)..I had a accident while I was at my Mothers- I went to show her one of my pictures and when I did......I tipped over my coffee.....and it all went on my WACOM TABLET!!!! it doesn't work and it kills me to think that it isn't even a year old yet- OOOhhhh my heart is broke! - And now I am going through

I did manage to make some artwork before that happened and that way I can still keep up and have something to upload for awhile.....:)

Hope that everyone here has had a great 2 weeks- and by the way- Coffee and Wacom Tablets- are not good together!!!!!!

hehe hugz to all Anne

Jul 02 2008

I never know what to say when I write a bio or a blog like this...:0)...... Summer is finally here and enjoying all the warm weather that comes with it!

Something has been making me so SPAMMERS!!! yes if you are one of them you make me SICK!!!!! I have a site and I am always playing this game with them....they leave their "Oh this is such a nice "PHOTO" (which makes me more mad because it ISN'T a Photo....LOL and then leave their damn links to porn sites or to Free Ring Tones....etc.!! Man there must be something better for them to do then this...I would love to just send the ones that you get in your email back to them with a nasty little letter...but then they got cha......hehe...Oh well- hopefully there will soon be something that can get them to stop-or at least fine them for everyone that they send...oooohhh that would be so

Now I feel better that I got that off my chest!!!haha

Hope that everyone has a great week take care all

hugz anne

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