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Anne Dubois

Anne Dubois
I love art of all kinds.....and love seeing the talents of others..

I started Computer Graphic art about 2 years ago when my hubby baught me Poser...and Man was I hooked- I loved it!!! It is a great way to just relax and let the stress of the day out - without having to clean up the mess that you made with your art supplies after! ..lol that is always a plus!

I live in Beautiful Dartmouth, Nova Scotia with my hubby and 2 children....Our family consists of .. 1 Dog- Bosco, a long haired golden retriever 1 cat..Little samantha 7 guinea pigs and counting...lol 2 rabbits 1 iguana 1 Uromastyx ( hope that is the correct spelling) and 2 fishtanks with fish.....

I think that I will call it quits now....lol Kinda have a very busy house that always has us hoping and doing something-

Have met so many kind and caring ppl on art sites and one that has become a great friend of mine- Sandra- You are my buddy ! :o)

Hope that you like my gallery and thank you so much for stopping by and having a look! Please leave a comment it means the world to me !!

Have a great day/night everyone! Hugz Anne

Represented By:    CaperGirl42

Proficient Software:    Poser Pro 2014 PhotoShop Paint Shop Pro x2

Past Clients:    Warriors Faith Ministries and Debbie Kosabek - ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER┬«,

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